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Mt. Jefferson Backpacking

Course Details

    Location: Oregon
    Activities: Backpacking, Mountaineering
    Tuition & Fees: $1095
    Financial Aid Available: Yes

Mt. Jefferson is a 10,495-foot stratovolcano in the Cascade Volcanic Arc, and is the second highest mountain in Oregon. On the way to the top experience a bird's-eye view of the glaciated volcanoes of the Central Oregon Cascade and the spectacular surrounding terrain. Expect to travel on and off trail through wildflowers and pine-forests. Along your journey, you’ll learn to set up shelters, cook, navigate using a map and compass, and administer basic first aid. 

Available Courses

  • Available DatesCourse LengthAgeCourse Number
    6/27/2016 - 7/1/20165 days14-16WOYB-611Reserve Your Spot TodayLearn More

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Course Description - 5-day Mt Jefferson

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Course Preparation & Physical Fitness

Course Description

Backpacking through the spectacular Mt. Jefferson Wilderness will give students the opportunity to explore one of the most beautiful and pristine areas in the Central Cascades. Backpacking courses carry less weight then mountaineering courses and focus on covering greater distances with more time for exploration. Expect to travel on and off trail through wildflowers and pine-forests. Along your journey, you’ll learn to set up shelters, cook, navigate using a map and compass, and administer basic first aid. As the course progresses, more and more of the responsibility of wilderness living is given to students. By the end of the course, you and your crew will be ready for finals, when the instructors step back from mentors to supervisors, and allow the group to make route-finding decisions, cook, travel, and camp as one capable team. Past students and instructors agree that arriving physically fit will enhance your experience and ability to do well on the course, and, ultimately allow you to take full advantage of the expedition. 

Course Area

Central Cascades, OR – In Central Oregon, volcanoes dot the spine of the Cascade Mountains, rising up to over 10,000 feet above the forests, lakes, and rivers. These glaciated peaks run north and south and create perfect mountaineering objectives for you and your team. This range is home to the Three Sisters (North, Middle, and South Sisters), Broken Top, Mt. Washington, Three Fingered Jack and Mt. Jefferson. Four 10,000+ foot glaciated volcanoes are present in this course area, with a total of eight major volcanoes. The west side of the range is lush while the east side is drier. Central Oregon is a high desert that experiences extremes in weather conditions at varying times throughout the summer. There is potential for you to be traveling in rain, snow, or sun for the duration of your time in the mountains. Some of the peak ascents will necessitate glacier and roped-team travel.


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